15 rules of graphic design

If you are a bit depressed being back in work after the Bank Holiday and the thought of a whole 13 weeks till the next one – here are a few light-hearted observations about the lot of a graphic designer (although at the time I often don’t see the funny side!)

1)  If you have two versions of a photo, the wrong one will make its way to the printer

2)  If you show a number of designs to your client – your least favourite will be picked …

3)  … or any combination of the worst elements of each

4)  Supplied logos are never larger than 20k and never EPS files!

5)  Spell checkers don’t work (American spelling has a lot to answer for)

6)  Global search and replace also doesn’t work

7)  Any mistakes only become noticeable the minute something is printed

8)  There is no stock photo in existence that matches the image you have in your head (or your client’s)

9)  If you find a stock image you like there is never any more in the same range

10) Computer crashes always happen exactly 10 seconds before saving

11) The speed of your computer is inversely proportionate to the amount of time you have before your deadline or client presentation

12) The amount of copy to be included in an ad is inversely proportionate to the size of ad your client has bought

13) If you assume a size it will be wrong

14) Never use the word ‘final’ in a file name when saving, it is the kiss of death

15) Comic sans is the devil’s font