e-factor 100 Inspiring Women


Developing a strong and eye-catching marketing materials to engage with women in business

In September 2013 e-factor launched a year long project called 100 Inspiring Women. The concept was to encourage women to start their own businesses and also to develop their existing businesses.

At the heart of this project was the recruiting of 100 women mentors who would commit their time to pass on their knowledge and experience of businesses to women who were just starting out in business.

In addition to this a series of events were staged for the participants including workshops, speaker events and networking events.

Creating an eye-catching campaign

Kinetic were asked to create a distinctive brand and campaign that would set this project apart from the other business activities being carried out by e-factor. Many of  this target audience were put off by what they saw as being the often male-dominated world of business networking and events.

The campaign consisted of five creative messages which juxtaposed a clichéd and misogynistic message with the contrast of the reality of what the woman in business had achieved. It was deliberately thought-provoking and looked to engage with some of the doubts and insecurities the target audience may have.

The project was a great success culminating in a graduation event in September 2014 and the project has now taken on a life of its own with the women continuing to meet, support each other and form their own networking group.

100IW branding


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