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Creating a brand style to bring impact and consistency to a CCG’s marketing materials

North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are the organisation who decide what the health and social care services are in North East Lincolnshire.

Apart from their logo (which had to adhere to NHS guidelines) they had no distinctive branding which meant that key marketing elements such as their website, brochures and leaflets were mismatched, badly designed and lacking in impact.

Kinetic created a distinctive brand style which was flexible to work across all media and for varied messages and that ensured that the messages they were putting out got noticed and that people started to recognise them as coming from the CCG.

Stakeholder Engagement

There are many stakeholders linked to the CCG, from providers such as GP’s to volunteer and community groups. It was felt to be important that these stakeholders were involved in the decision making process for the new branding but knowing how to manage this and keep it as a constructive process rather than a case of ‘one too many cooks’ is something Kinetic have experience of.

We tackled this by involving them at the point where we had a shortlist, in this instance two distinct branding styles. We then created a document that showed the style options across key pieces such as the web, brochures and leaflets with a rationale behind each creative option. Stakeholders were then asked to vote for one of the designs. In this way people had their say but could not influence the detail of the creative options i.e. change colours, fonts etc.

The winning style was then issued in the form of brand guidelines and templates.

Brand Guidelines

CCG brand guidelinesOngoing sustainability and consistency was paramount for the branding brief and the best way to ensure this was to create comprehensive yet accessible brand guidelines.

The guidelines looked at the strategy behind the branding and also clear and practical advice on correct usage of all elements of the branding from key graphics and colour palette through to fonts and images.

The guidelines were written so as to be accessible not only by other professional graphic designers but also by staff. Specific pages which focussed on use of templates and PC fonts and colours allowed all materials that came from the CCG, whether a brochure, PowerPoint presentation or letter, to have a consistent use of the new branding.

Ongoing work

Once the brand style was set it made the production of new materials easier and more consistent and with this consistency came recognition of the CCG as an organisation and its role in the local health sector.

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