About Us

Don't out-spend, out-think

Kinetic Marketing and Design was born in 2007 the offspring of Alison and Steven Clynes who, after nearly 30 years combined experience in advertising, graphic design and marketing working for some of the leading agencies in Manchester, returned to Alison’s home town in Grimsby with the vision of bringing their talent and experience of working with big consumer and business brands to the Lincolnshire area.

The beauty of setting up a consultancy style graphic design and marketing agency is that local businesses get all the expertise and experience gained from working with some of the biggest brands in the UK, without the big agency price tag.

Can you really apply big brand techniques to SME businesses and organisations?

Too right you can! It is a marketing truth that whatever the size of your business, there are common problems and challenges –

  • How can you bring in more new business?
  • How can you maximise the potential from our existing customers?
  • How can you stand out from our competitors?
  • How can you enter new markets?

We can help your business or organisation meet these challenges and objectives and show you how the techniques and approaches the large brands use can easily be tailored to fit your marketing resource and budget.

The 6 Kinetic Rules

1#        There is no such thing as SME marketing … it’s just marketing

We don’t believe you should be shackled by thinking small just because you are an SME. You may not have the budgets of the big brands, but as a small business you also don’t have the overheads or layers of bureaucracy to hinder you. We apply the same marketing approaches for all our clients whether a large corporate or one-man-band.

2#        Advertising isn’t marketing

Many of our clients come to us battered and bruised after spending money on advertising that just hasn’t worked. Often this is because they have reacted to people selling them advertising space, rather than had a marketing plan and understood where advertising may or may not fit into that plan. Advertising is only one small part of the marketing mix and on its own may not get you the results you need.

#3        Your branding should look as good as the business you aspire to be    

Whatever your size of business, don’t scrimp on your branding. In today’s increasingly visually sophisticated audiences, there is little tolerance for poor logos and clumsy branding and this is one area where doing it ‘on the cheap’ is certainly a false economy.

#4        Do the small things right

One of the areas that big brands fall down on is getting all the small things right. How many times have multi-million pound advertising campaigns been let down by a surly member of staff or crashed website? The same is true for all businesses and we believe that by looking at all aspects of your business and getting the details right, you can make sure your marketing efforts are not wasted.

#5        Good design should be applied to everything

There is no excuse for poor design. There is no area of your business that isn’t judged by what it looks like. Sounds superficial, but we are visual creatures and make snap judgements based on what something, someone or somewhere looks likes.

#6        Consistency is king

Doing fewer things, better and consistently will get you far better results than doing lots of different things sporadically. One of the ways we work with our clients is to prioritise what are the most important marketing activities they need to do and then what can be reasonably achieved within their budget and resources.