POS & Signage

An often over-looked marketing opportunity

If you are a business that has premises, vehicles, members of staff with uniforms then you may be missing a fantastic opportunity to promote yourself. Having well-designed building signage, vehicle livery and uniforms is like having permanent advertising for your business. Advertising that people will view many times a day.

Building Signage

We will hold our hands up and say that we very much believe that your building is one big potential billboard. OK it does depend on what your business is or where you are situated, but usually you have spaces on and in your building that could be used to promote your brand and key messages. It is so much more than your name above the door.

We have worked on many signage projects for clients transforming their building exteriors, receptions and office spaces and making the most of every marketing opportunity.

Vehicle Livery

If you have business vehicles whether cars, vans or lorries, they are a great opportunity to promote your business. We can create designs from simple vinyl graphics or removable magnetic signs through to full vehicle wraps where your design can cover the whole vehicle.

We work with trusted local suppliers who will turn our designs into reality.

Point of Sale

If you have a retail outlet then point of sale (POS) marketing is extremely important for guiding your customers around your store and highlighting ranges and promotions. If you want help with your wobblers or your shelf talkers, just give us a call.


If you are attending an event we can design exhibition materials and stands from simple pull up roller banners to more complex stands.

To discuss your signage, POS or exhibition marketing, call us on 01472 269 016 or complete our contact form

See examples of our signage and display projects