First impressions matter

Your logo and corporate identity is often the first point of contact with your customers and your business will be judged on them. Because of this, creating or updating a new look for your business is much more than just designing a logo, it is all the visual elements of your business and it needs to stand out and be memorable.

We make it our business to find out about your company, its people and customers so we can deliver the right logo or identity that will help your business stand out from the competition.

Whether your requirement is for the creation of a new logo or trademark, a complete brand identity or creating the brand guidelines by which your corporate identity should be managed – Kinetic are happy to help and have many year’s experience.

Our approach to logo design

Design FlowchartWe believe that having an initial creative brainstorming stage to logo and branding design gives the creative freedom to explore many different creative routes.

Are the starting point, however is an initial meeting with you where we to find out as much as possible about your business, audiences and other market players n your market.

We then go away and start to scribble ideas – deliberately not on a Mac but on good old pen and paper. This allows us to create lots and lots of ideas in order to evaluate the ones we think are good and can be developed further.

At this stage we take a number of creative themes and develop logo options with type and graphics and these are presented to the client. We will usually not concentrate on colour at this point.

We ask for a shortlist of preferences from you and go to a second stage of design based on your feedback and at this point will look at colour options. The final logo is decided and you will be happy that there has been a robust and strategic design process which you have been fully involved in.

A full set of logo artwork options are then produced that can be used across different formats and media.

We can then look at other elements of the branding such as colour palette, font usage and image style. These all make up your corporate branding or identity.

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