Email Marketing

A powerful and cost effective marketing tool

The big brands and companies have been making the most of email marketing for many years. It is cost effective, very quick to produce, highly personal and targetable and has great reporting.

For many SME businesses, however, the story is very different. Their need is just as great (often greater as they are looking for cost effective marketing options) yet they don’t have the tools or knowledge to take advantage of this opportunity.

How can Kinetic help?

It all starts with a database. Sounds basic, but you need an email list to send an email campaign and often this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Customer data may exist on accountancy systems, in outlook files or be paper based copies. Often email addresses aren’t collected if not needed for the sale and valuable information is wasted.

We can help you build your list and advise on the type of data you need to collect in order to feed your email marketing going forward.

The next step is the design of compelling HTML emails sent using professional email delivery systems that manage the lists of unsubscribers and produce extensive reporting. We can design, build and despatch email campaigns. If you would like more control we can create templates for you to amends and send as you wish.

Importantly we can provide you with the advice on your email marketing strategy – what you should be doing, what you should be testing and how to improve performance? With a background working on the email marketing for some highly sophisticated brands we now apply this best practice and understanding to our SME clients.

To discuss your email marketing or other marketing requirements, call us on 01472 269 016 or complete our contact form