First College

Creating a brochure targeting the young learner

First College are a work-based training provider offering a variety of courses to 16+ adults. Kinetic have worked with First College for a number of years initially establishing their new branding but also providing marketing strategy support to their internal team.

As part of this marketing planning work it was identified that a ‘push’ was needed in order to target 16+ school leavers who may want to enter an apprenticeship. This market was very competitive with larger FE colleges, school sixth forms and other training providers all vying for the attentions of these young learners.

Upon reviewing the marketing literature First College had, it was felt to be too corporate to engage this audience and there was also a job to be done educating them (and their parents) as to what is involved with an apprenticeship from pay and funding through to interview techniques.

Learner Guide that informed and is accessible

We developed a comprehensive Learner Guide that took the reader through their options at post 16 and explained what was involved in an apprenticeship and how they go about getting on one.

Throughout the brochure the services First College provided were included but it was a ‘soft sell’ designed to get the young person considering work-based apprenticeships as an option to staying on at school for A levels or going to a FE college.

The guide has gone down very well with learners and is being promoted via social media and the web as well as roadshows and events.


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