New Year Resolutions to get your marketing in shape for 2017

Marketing New Year's Resolutions

First day back at work for most people and as we look in horror at our spreading waistline and empty bank balance, thoughts turn to New Year Resolutions! Now whether you are an avid resolution maker or a cynical doubter, a new year may be ‘just another day’, but any day is a good day to re-look at your marketing and make some smart decisions about what you need to do to put your business in the best health it can be for the year ahead.

So here are some ideas about how your business can …

Get fit

No-one gets fit without being focused and dedicating time and energy and your marketing is no different. So put time in your diary to spend on your marketing (just as you would an exercise class) and be focused in what you need to achieve.

Lose weight

Most people put on a few pounds over Christmas and your business can also be carrying some excess baggage that is weighing it down. So have a look at your marketing activities and review what isn’t working and then either change or stop doing it. Make sure you have access to your web and social media analytics so you can see what is working.

Apathy is one of the biggest barriers to success in both losing weight and improving your marketing, so make sure you don’t just renew that advertising subscription for want of any other ideas what to do, or because you didn’t have time to look at whether it is working or not. If it isn’t working then look at alternatives that are more ‘healthy’ for your business.

Make new friends

We often look at a new year as an opportunity to expand our network of friends and the same goes for your business. So focus on your social media and look at gaining more followers and engaging with them. We don’t make friends without speaking to new people, finding common ground and being pro-active and we can apply these same principles to social media. Encourage people to share your posts, respond to people and be pro-active and interesting with your own comments and posts.

Keep in touch with old friends

A new year is often a reminder that another year has gone by without us keeping in contact or seeing an old friend. Best intentions of ‘we must get together’ are often not acted on and for your business you need to ensure this isn’t also the case for your  existing customers.

So this year, be proactive and keep in contact with your customers and past customers. Tools such as email marketing are useful but don’t rely on them; a personal email, letter, call or visit can be very effective in cementing your relationship and generating more business with much less effort than courting new friends!

Learn something new

Determined to learn the guitar, to samba or pick up a new language. We acknowledge the benefit of learning new skills in our lives but what new skills are you going to tackle in your business marketing? The New Year can be a time where we set ourselves the objective of learning a new marketing skill. Not sure about twitter? Then spend some time researching online, enrol on a course or speak to a social media marketing expert. Even just time spent looking at what your competitors are doing, or what is changing in your sector is all valuable information you can build into your marketing activities.

A final word, like with New Year Resolutions, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many resolutions that you then find hard to keep. Pick a few and do them well. You can always look at others later in the year … after all, a resolution to improve your marketing doesn’t have to just be at New Year!