This Halloween, don’t become a marketing horror story

Halloween Marketing Horror stories

Every year I am amazed at the marketing band-wagon that is Halloween. What was once just a small event for children has turned into a commercial juggernaut, not only for Halloween themed products but also promotions.

So, never one to miss out on a trend, I thought I would get aboard that runnaway vehicle and create my own Halloween themed blog (there will be ghastly puns so you have been warned)!

Here are some tips to make sure you avoid the marketing nasties …

Watch out for zombies

The undead of marketing just keep on going, no matter what obstacles they face. They continue on the same path and marketing choices, even when there is proof that it doesn’t work.

Don’t behave like a zombie and ignore what isn’t working, instead look to see what else you can try that could have better results.

Are you a bat out of hell?

If the zombies just keep plodding on, the bats out of hell are full of energy but are often off without enough planning or strategic thought. They have an idea and just go for it.

They are particularly bad when looking at launching a new product, service or business and get so excited about what they are doing without considering who will be buying, is there a market, who are the competition… you know the basics!

So if you have tendencies to race off without considering the marketing basics, take some time and invest in more planning before all the action.

Don’t create a monster

Just like Frankenstein, the temptation can be to ‘cobble together’ marketing materials and the result can be just has horrifying. However small your business, make sure you pay attention to creating brand consistency.

  • Have your logo files and don’t let people change or tweak them.
  • Define a set of brand colours you use
  • Be consistent with use of fonts

None of this is expensive yet it can make all the difference to how people perceive your business.

Don’t let the cobwebs form

Cobwebs may be appropriate for Halloween, but not for your business marketing. For busy business owners, keeping their website and social media up to date can be challenging and pushed to the bottom of their things to do list.

Try and set yourself some attainable targets for regular activity. Maybe it is spending 10 minute a day posting to your social media, or making sure you publish to your website every time you complete a new project. Small tasks, regularly carried out is the trick to keeping your marketing cobweb-free.

Is your business a ghostly apparition?

How visible is your business? Have you claimed your Google Business entry? Have you registered with all the free online directories? If you have a company vehicle, do you have it liveried with your branding?

There are so many opportunities to re-enforce your company presence and profile both online and offline, there is no excuse to be invisible or just lurking in the corners!

Invasion of the body snatchers

Most small business owners are passionate about their business (after all that is usually why they set up in the first place). But, to be really successful with your marketing, you need to really understand your customers and why they might get excited about your product or service.

Like the body snatchers you need to get under your customers’ skin and look at what is important to them, rather than your own personal preferences and opinions.

This Halloween, no matter what your business, make sure your marketing is bright, shiny and full of rainbows!